How to find the perfect Curtains for your Windows

There is one element of home decor that you just can’t ignore – window curtains. They are one of those essential pieces of decor that can set the tone of a room. From light and fresh to bold and decorative, from solid colours to prints, from sheer to heavy opaque fabrics, the possibilities are endless. With a wide variety of options, fabrics and accessories, choosing the right one can be quite confusing. Here are some quick tips on how to choose curtains that might help you:

Know the Difference Between Curtains, Drapes, Shades and Blinds

The first step in choosing window curtains is to find out what your room requires. Often homeowners choose curtains, drapes, shades and blinds without knowing the difference. Doing so can result in these window treatments interfering with the amount of sunlight your room should receive.
It is therefore important to know the difference between these two home accessories. Curtains are fabric panels made of lightweight materials and hang on curtain rods. They are mostly used for privacy purposes, so they are ideal for living rooms. Curtains, on the other hand, are made of thicker materials that are made to block sunlight, making them ideal for bedrooms.

The Curtain Colour can change the look of your home

Curtain designs for the home should complement the furnishings in the room! The colour of your window and door curtain designs should ideally be in harmony with the rest of the furniture. You can choose window curtains that match or contrast with the decor. For a pleasant look, choose curtains in a colour that complements the shade of your walls. Alternatively, if you want them to focus on the design of the curtains, choose a shade that contrasts with the furniture and walls or add a splash of colour.

Pick the Right Materials

The material plays a vital role in the selection of window curtains and affects the appearance of the room. From sheer lace to light cotton, medium weight brocade to heavy velvet, your window curtain design options are plentiful. Two factors you should consider when choosing your fabric are:
• The amount of sunlight you want to flow into
• The mood and decoration of your room. For example, heavier fabrics suit more traditional rooms, while sheer fabrics work best in minimalist rooms
Each fabric falls from a different height and will therefore look different when folded and pulled. This is important to keep in mind when choosing a curtain design for the home.

Choose fabrics based on the maintenance required

The fabric and material of the curtain determine how it should be cleaned and how often you need to clean it, for example, curtains with stitched pleats and pleats must be dry cleaned. While all curtains and drapes should be washed every three to six months, some fabrics require more care and some are machine washable.
Low-maintenance fabrics: If you’re looking for curtains that need to be washed twice a year, opt for cotton or synthetic fabrics. They are machine washable if they are unlined, or give your lined curtains a quick hand wash. A great choice for those with dust allergies or children and pets at home
High-maintenance fabrics: Any curtain that has creases or pilling must be dry-cleaned, regardless of the fabric. However, wool, silk and sheer curtains must be dry cleaned or hand washed in cold water to maintain their colour and shape.

How to Find the Right Window Cleaning Professional

If cleaning the windows of your home sounds like hard or tedious work, there are advantages to hiring professional window cleaners, which may ultimately save you time, money, and risk of injury.

Professional window cleaners are skilled and experienced, so they can clean the windows of your house in less time than it would take for a non-professional to do the job. These technicians have all the tools and powerful cleaning solutions to make your windows shiny, including harsh and dangerous chemicals that they are trained to handle. If you choose environmentally friendly and green cleaning options, you can search for a company that offers these.

The cleaning company should also arrange for all safety precautions and insurance to prevent possible damage when climbing stairs or cleaning in dangerous areas. The team should know how to move and wash the windows properly while keeping themselves, and your home, safe. Before hiring a company, ask how they ensure the safety of employees at work, as well as their insurance policy.

Our window cleaning team is well- trained and utilize the products and tools in order to give your home the shine it deserves. .Should you experience work that is poorly performed by other window cleaners, then we are the ones to call to ensure the job is done correctly. We know it’s important to love the appearance of your home.  And that is why we strive to make sure every customer is 100% satisfied. 

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