More of our Favourite Window Scenes in Film and TV: Part 2

Well by now you know we love iconic window scenes in cinematography, we already listed 6 of our favorite scenes in a previous article

But now, we want to take another deep dive into more of our iconic window scenes!

The Death Star window in Star Wars


Unable to hang onto the pipe, Luke tumbles out, emerging at the

undermost part of Cloud City. Reaching out desperately, he manages to

grab onto on electronic weather vane.


Ben… Ben, please!

Luke tries to pull himself up on the weather vane but slips back down.

He hooks one of his legs around the fragile instruments. All the

while, a powerful current of air rushes out at him from the exhaust



Ben. Leia!

There is an ominous cracking sound from the base of the

weather vane and a piece breaks off, falling into the clouds far below.

Cloud city’s primary purpose is to collect and refine tibana gas from the atmosphere of Bespin. This gas has a variety of uses, most notably being munitions. The stuff is basically blaster ammo.

But there really isn’t all that much of the stuff at the altitude where humans can easily survive, so it has to cycle huge amounts of atmospheric gasses through its central core to separate out the tibana gas.

That shaft that they were fighting in is where that air was cycled. Which means that there were periodically very strong updrafts running through it, and a variety of vents and filters intended to pull out the relevant gassed from the atmosphere.

That’s what Luke fell into: first a massive air cushion to slow his fall, and then a giant vacuum intended to pull out the heavier gasses.

The window of The Broom Shop in first Harry Potter film

The Broom Shop was a store located in Diagon Alley in London, near Ollivanders. It sold broomsticks such as the Nimbus 2000 and Comet 260Harry Potter stopped by the shop when exploring Diagon Alley in 1991, but the owner refused to sell to him as he was only a first year student. He did, however, let Harry look around as much as he liked. The window is simply iconic based on the fact that we are able to have glimpse of all the wonders of the broom shop and the emaotions that Harry takes us through makes you feel like  how is this all possible?

Retro Chandelier_OWS

The Train Windows in Joker

Being fearless and stunning in emotional depth makes him king of crime. Shinning performance by Joaquin Phoenix – Arthur Fleck is a lonely liver who smiles as a clown for a living and follows his dream of becoming a stand-up comedian. No one listens to his voice and he is getting lonelier with each passing day.

This movie serves as the origin story for the Joker character, who, as you know, goes on to terrorize Gotham and make serious trouble for Batman. Arthur is an aspiring comedian who suffers from an ambiguous mental illness that he tries to get treatment for. Arthur faces a turning point and goes on a violent streak, the windows he is shown through during the train scenes just show his loneliness in an unloving city.

Christopher Nolan’s Inception begins with a dream-within-a-dream—Saito’s dream within Nash’s dream, to be precise—and the film’s every frame asks the viewer to question whether the events unfolding on-screen are taking place in the external world or in a dreaming person’s mind.

Mal’s Totem was a spinning top that now belongs to her husband. While experimenting with dream-sharing with Dom, they became trapped in Limbo. Faced with limitless possibilities on how to build their own world and becoming obsessed with the power of Limbo, Mal gradually began to believe that Limbo was her reality.

Window in Inception

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