Tips & Tricks for Cleaning your Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

Interested in how to clean outdoor lights?

We all know that our outdoor lighting must remain bright and fixtures unblemished. Not only for safety but also because you have chosen the most eye-catching light fixture that will make your outdoor space elegant.

When you place your lights outdoors, your fixtures collect dust, collect dirt, attract insects, and accumulate insect debris. it’s inevitable.

For this reason, you need to know how to clean outdoor lighting efficiently and regularly.

Your light fixtures are also made of different materials that get dirty in different ways. For example, candlesticks made of copper and bronze could be damaged.

Ready to get started? Get your outdoor lighting and curb appeal back!

The Cleaning Process: A Step-by-Step Guide

Once you’ve made sure you have all your tools, follow this step-by-step guide on how to clean your outdoor light fixtures.

  1. Turn off the lights from the main power source. This is essential for your safety. As you may already know, you will be dealing with electricity, and the last thing you want is for water to come in contact with anything electrical. Whether it’s your sockets or light fixtures.
  2. Adjust your ladder to the appropriate level depending on how far off the ground your outdoor wall lights are. If you don’t have a ladder, you can use a chair or anything stable enough to hold you there.
  3. Put on protective rubber gloves and prepare soapy water in a bucket. Rubber gloves protect your skin from harmful cleaning agents or chemicals from glass cleaners.
  4. Remove the bulbs and place them aside on a soft surface. Then use a screwdriver to remove any balls, grids or packaging and soak them in soapy water.
  5. Use a soft brush to brush the appendages and remove any remaining bugs or cobwebs.
  6. Take a soft piece of clothing and soak it in soapy water. Then wring it out to wipe the accessories on the wall. Remember that none of your electrical outlets should be wet.
  7. Remove the products from the soapy water and rinse them in a second bucket with clean water. After rinsing thoroughly, wipe them dry.
  8. Use a cloth and apply a professional glass cleaner to any glass surfaces. This will revive its shine.
  9. Use non-abrasive metal cleaners to remove stains. Some readily available household items you can use include white vinegar, lemon, and baking soda. We will discuss how to use them later in the post.
  10. Gently wipe the screws and bulbs with a damp cloth.
  11. Reassemble the fixtures and wait for everything to dry before turning the lights back on.

5 Effective Tips When Cleaning Outdoor Light Fixtures

When you’re learning how to clean outdoor light fixtures, there are some helpful and precautionary tips you must not miss. These will keep you safe and potentially make everything easier for you.

Ensure Electrical Safety

This tip to clean outdoor light fixtures ensures your safety. As mentioned, always turn off the power before you start cleaning. Also, keep water away from your light switch and ensure that the fixtures dry before turning the power back on.

Avoid Using Chemicals To Clean

Stay away from generic chemical cleaners as these dull your copper or brass coatings.

How do you clean them then?

Instead, use soap and water to clean your globe pendants and fixtures.

Avoid Abrasive Material When Cleaning

Rough textured clothing could damage your surfaces and cause scratches. The best item to clean outdoor light fixtures is a soft piece of cloth.

Tips to Make Your Metallic Fixtures Shiny

For brass and copper fixtures, there are a few household options you can use to restore their shine.

How to Find the Right Window Cleaning Professional

If cleaning the windows of your home sounds like hard or tedious work, there are advantages to hiring professional window cleaners, which may ultimately save you time, money, and risk of injury.

Professional window cleaners are skilled and experienced, so they can clean the windows of your house in less time than it would take for a non-professional to do the job. These technicians have all the tools and powerful cleaning solutions to make your windows shiny, including harsh and dangerous chemicals that they are trained to handle. If you choose environmentally friendly and green cleaning options, you can search for a company that offers these.

The cleaning company should also arrange for all safety precautions and insurance to prevent possible damage when climbing stairs or cleaning in dangerous areas. The team should know how to move and wash the windows properly while keeping themselves, and your home, safe. Before hiring a company, ask how they ensure the safety of employees at work, as well as their insurance policy.

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