Practical Chandelier Decorating Tips

We want to give you a step-by-step guide, from purchase to installation.

Here are some essential tips for decorating with a chandelier, and some new, “I never thought of that!” pieces of advice along the way:

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Online Research for Chandeliers

When it comes to choosing a chandelier, it is important to cast your net wide. There are almost unlimited lighting options out there these days, but you can start by thinking about the design of the room where you intend to hang the chandelier. Is it a traditional place? One marked with Mid-century accents. Does it have the beauty of a farmhouse? This can help you determine the feel of a chandelier that will blend seamlessly with your style.

You can start by reading articles about popular lighting fixtures available, or you can head over to a few more widely illuminated lighting websites. Lighting Direct is a favorite for interior designers, while Wayfair lets you shop with your favorite jewelry style. 

You can also check out your local retailers. Hardware stores can be amazing places to choose chic chandeliers. And to think outside the box, look at the flea markets, retail stores and yard sales — these are your best bet to find unique antique chandeliers. If they have strings that appear old or unreliable, go to a trusted lighting store to refresh the piece with safe, current cords — and make sure they install UL-certified cords, especially if the chandelier is installed on a new home.

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You do not need to buy Crystal Chandelier

Yes, crystal chandeliers are great, but you don’t have to go with this oh-so-traditional option. If you are new to the world of buying chandeliers, go beyond the crystal details. For a stunning, yet non-crystal, look, go with colored glass, glittering metal or glass, blister-like bulbs, which are often seen on Sputnik chandeliers. If you are one of the naturalists, chandeliers now come with strings, sea shells, reclaimed wood, paper, and beads. For a minimalist look, look for mindless chandeliers with minimal, subtle details, such as matte metal finish or geometric designs.

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Choose the Chandelier For the Right Room Size

If you place a very large chandelier in your space, it may look overwhelming. Very small and it may disappear into the background. It is one of those design elements where the scale is important.

There are a few schools of thought about measuring chandeliers, but experts often agree that there is a mathematical formula that can help you find your chandelier of the right size. We took the liberty to help you out with that HERE.

The chandelier should feel like a stylish addition to that particular room. Anything other than crystal candles may look completely absent in the halls of Versailles, for example.

If you are looking for a chandelier, consider the hues and materials in the room. Are warm wood or black wood common? Do you rely on bright colors, or do you prefer a neutral palette? Do you mix the instruments, or is there only one metal in the room? These are the things to consider when looking for wooden chandeliers, beads, crystals or metal.


Although chandeliers look good in traditional places — in dining rooms, on the porch, in the basic bedrooms — they are unique and surprising when hanging in a non-traditional setting.

Can your laundry room use the enhancement of style and comfort? Do you have a powder room that needs eye-catching decoration? Maybe your kitchen needs more light, and a chandelier can do the trick. Even children’s rooms are increasingly displaying playful light bulbs. Push the borders where you hang your chandeliers.

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