Most Popular Supplies Used By our Window Cleaners

With the proper tools, cleaning your windows does not need to be a chore. The satisfactory window cleaning tools have the right length and design on your windows and are easy to use. There are numerous &  extraordinary forms of tools, but microfiber fabric or mops are an excellent vicinity to start.  There are also very unique cleaning gear for sparkling windows,  like magnets or two-dimensional cleaners that are great for cleaning windows in an upstairs apartment, at the same time as shower squeegee is designed for lavatories, vehicle windows, and mirrors – despite the fact that they can also be utilized with different forms of glass.

You will need to know the size of your equipment, for example, if you live in a one-story apartment or house, you’ll be fine with a handheld squeegee or a quick pole, but if you need to clean the windows upstairs, you’ll need an extended pole.

So here are some of the tools for cleaning your windows that you could also buy on Amazon!

Window Cleaners in Hutchinson Island cleaning windows

Microfibre towels and sponges

Additional cleaning equipment such as microfibre towels and sponges help us to remove water and cleaning solution that accumulates as you are cleaning your windows and may be difficult for squeegees to remove. They may also be ready to scrub hard to remove dirt and stains from insects and birds. High-quality towels and sponges will be able to last longer for more cleaning. 

This eight-pack of microfiber towels is not only perfect for cleaning windows but can be used all over your home. To have the best results, first, wipe down your windows with a damp microfibre cloth, then wipe them clean with a glass cleaning cloth for a streak-free shine. As they are machine-washable, you can make sure that they make your window squeaky clean.

Glass with Water Stains


A squeegee is a common cleaning tool with a rubber handle. Cleaners use it to wipe moisture from the glass, and as the rubber flexes, it can remove all the water, leaving the glass dry and free of streaks. Squeegees come in a variety of shapes and sizes, which means they can be used on large and small windows. 

Some squeegees come with microfiber cloth scrubbers that are both attached to lightweight plastic handles. Others can also be attached to extendable poles if you decide you need more reach.

Window Cleaners in Hutchinson Island cleaning windows

Magnetic Window Cleaner

A magnetic window cleaner helps us all with difficult-to-reach window exteriors.

It has a magnetic layout, so as you drag one aspect throughout the interior of your window, the other facet will follow along, cleaning the outside of your window at the same time making it easy to dry your windows in one swipe. most of these devices come with an anti-fall rope that attaches to the outside piece in case it detaches mid-cleaning.

Glass with Water Stains
Magnetic Window Cleaner, Double-Sided Window Cleaning Brush Glass Wiper Cleaning Tools, Outside Window Cleaner, 5-Gear Adjustable for high Rise Window Cleaning Windows Thickness 0.3"-1.2" (red)

When professional cleaners clean outdoor windows, we are exposed to things – such as wind and sun. We are also exposed to the cleaning solutions we use in windows. Safety goggles and glasses protect you from any debris that can get into your eyes blown by the wind or scattered to you by accident. Safety measures are essential for cautious cleaning.

We also need a way to carry all our essential tools. Holster belts and belts allow us to wear our tools around our waists, neatly arranged so that we can access everything we need, whether we clean the front doors or the 12th-floor windows. Holsters can be customized to fit any tool, making sure they are secure no matter what.

Jupiter Window Cleaner Cleaning Windows

If your business is searching for quality Commercial Window Cleaning and needs a professional team of window cleaners, then you have come to the right place. At Olaf’s window cleaning, we go the extra mile for our customers.  Our commercial window cleaning team will work around your schedule to avoid disruption of your work by cleaning windows outside of business hours (if requested). 

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Your home is important to you, so it’s important to us. At Olaf’s Window Cleaning, we utilize everything in our power to ensure the customer experience is top-notch. Our window cleaning company caters to those who appreciate high-end quality residential window cleaning at fair prices.

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