Coolest Block in Stuart with a Side of Florida History

Stuart is a really hard place to know for a day, but one day in this Florida Treasure Coast town there is plenty of time to start. That may sound like a huge overflow of tourism, but you will understand as we begin to roll back the layers of one of Florida’s most diverse river cities.

So what is there to do in Stuart?

The average visitor will find enough to fill the afternoon, especially on SW Osceola Street in the historic town of Stuart, pop. 16,000. The river St. Lucie is just a short distance away and fills the city like a horseshoe. The Intracoastal Waterway simply jumps east and the Atlantic Ocean slightly overlooks the other side of the barrier islands. Water, it can be said, is a way of life here. Local people and tourists can fish, sail and sail the contents of their hearts.

Undoubtedly, SW Osceola Street is Stuart’s coolest (and most beautiful) neighborhood. Twelve shops, restaurants, snack slums and a theater of the past line the street.

There’s a lot next to the block, too, on SW Flagler Avenue. Gumbo Limbo Gifts pays for itself as coastal chic and sailing the store features state-of-the-art home accessories, which include luxury pillows, fine linen and paper products and plenty of cleverly designed cheese plates, dips and other hors d’oeuvres. Monkee’s of Stuart has nothing to do with the 1960s pop group and everything related to stylish clothing, shoes and accessories.

The Stuart History

Not entirely appealing to Osceola. The Dirty Hippie, which has a door on SW Seminole Street, also has all the dye ties and vinyl. Enjoy stogie at Smokin Premiums and buy a few to take home with you. There are several places to hang ice cream or frozen yoghurt, including Signature Sweets.

The street names Osceola, Seminole and Flagler memorize the history of Florida, two named after Indian tribes and one for an American industrialist and a railway official who helped open Florida for tourists and newcomers.

If you want to experience more than just buying and eating at Stuart, start your day at the Stuart Heritage Museum, where city history is told inside the 1901 building with several businesses including a typical store, Mrs. Peter’s Smoked Fish House and food. supply store. You will learn here that Stuart prides himself as the Sailfish Capital of the Year. Impressive dance fish run in large numbers along the Treasure Coast in winter to attract sportsmen from all over the world.

Retro Chandelier_OWS

What to eat!

The plate “Dirty Oyster,” a delicacy prepared with sour cream and red and black caviar, is served at Rirwalk Cafe and Oyster Bar in Stuart.

We cross an old part of town where historic homes are well cared for. We drive back to downtown, stop briefly at Harney Circle to watch the Abundance, a bronze statue that arrived in Stuart at the 1939 World’s Fair, and then the driver drops us off at Rirwalk Café and Oyster Bar. We’ll go shopping and buy, but it starts eating. Not much of the view from the 1922 brick building, but oh, the food. Chef / owner Steve Feder eats delicious food, including Dirty Oyster stuffed with sour cream and caviar. Seafood is not all local but lovingly prepared and if you visit when corn cornder is on the menu, get it.

In the corner, Gafford gets top marks for its Central American dinner menu, which includes seafood, beef, lamb and locally sourced chicken. Vegetarian eaters are welcome, too, and will likely be drawn to roasted Parmesan cauliflower mixed with orange and fennel salad.

Time for your right visit and dine at Gafford, see a show at the Lyric Theater featuring comedians Paula Poundstone and Robert Klein and singer Branford Marsalis, and have a cup of coffee or a cocktail in one of the many city venues later.

After our oyster and chowder on the Riverwalk, we start our walk through SW Osceola Street, and discover a lot in Stuart. Most of them can be found on foot.

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