How to clean windows you cannot access

For windows that you can’t reach, you have just a few options in terms how to keep them clean – get a set of ladders, move the windows near you, buy the necessary tools to get to the high or heavy windows, or touch a professional window. cleaning company. So we want to give you a bit more helpful information on how to get the job done right!

Before you Clean, Consider the Weather Forecast

First, consider the weather forecast and then select the appropriate date. If it is very hot and sunny, the cleaning solution will dry quickly on the glass. It may leave spots that you may miss because of the radiation reflected in the glass. When cleaning high windows you will not be so fast because there are many obstacles – equipment, heights, awareness of falling stairs, etc. That’s why it’s best to choose a cool place, even on a cloudy day when you can take your time to wash the windows.

Step1: Clear the area around the windows

Your first task is to clear the area around the windows. If any screens are installed, remove them and clean them separately. Remove anything that might block your access to windows and frames such as bars or shutters if that is possible. Dispose of any perishable items such as flower pots, children’s toys, garden furniture, cars, and more. Also, plan ahead for which windows you will clean and which you will use as a ladder or scaffolding. See if other windows can be removed to wash them down to make it easier for you.

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Step 2: Get your tools

If you are in good physical condition and feel safe while climbing stairs, you can use one when cleaning the floor or windows on the first floor. Install ladders with padding that prevents slipping to improve safety and prevent any area damage.

However, the best and safest way to clean is with an expandable stool, mop, and homemade window cleaning solution. Nonprofessional telescopic window cleaner telescopic pole can reach 16-17 ft, which means you can clean windows up to the second floor. That way you can reduce the risk of damage to your property or your health.

However, the best and safest way to clean with an expandable stool, mop and home-made window cleaning solution. Nonprofessional telescopic window cleaner telescopic pole can reach 16-17 ft, which means you can clean windows up to the second floor. That way you can reduce the risk of damage to your property or your health.

What cleaning products will you need:

  • Vacuum cleaner 
  • Telescopic window cleaning kit: telescopic pole, squeegee with a rubber blade, strip washer;
  • Bucket;
  • Warm water;
  • White vinegar;
  • Dishwashing liquid;

Choose a rainy day in the forecast and not too many days. Ideally, a few clouds in the sky would be the perfect setting for window cleaning. You will spend at least a few hours working outside, so choose wisely when you are doing this work. Also, wet weather will prevent the cleaned windows from drying out naturally and may also contaminate them.

Once you have selected a date, gather all the necessary tools, go outside, play background music or listen to the radio to make it fun and start the cleaning process.

Clean the area around the windows at a distance with a vacuum cleaner and on high windows use a long-handled broom. You need to remove any cobwebs and debris before washing windows with a solution.

Put in a bucket full of warm water 500 ml white vinegar and 250 ml washing liquid. Put a strip washer in a bucket to soak for 1-2 minutes.

Attach the strip washer to the extension pole and apply the cleaning solution throughout the window as well. Scrub well everywhere and try to reach all areas and corners to break up all dirt. Move the stripper from the bottom corner of the window to the top.

Once you have covered the entire window with a cleaning solution, replace the strip with a squeegee to remove suds, and any dirt and debris. Place the squeegee in the upper corner of the window and lower it into the lower frame with equal strokes. Apply equal pressure as you move the squeegee down. Clean with a microfiber cloth between wipes. Use a squeegee until you remove any residual water.

To remove excess water from frames use another dry wash. That way there will be no dirty spots on the surface.

Leave windows to dry. If in the morning you see any dirty dirty spots you can re-wash them with a rinsed washer and squeegee.

For anyone who does not have the time or physical strength or ability to do the above, a professional window cleaning company has many advantages. It is difficult to clean windows effectively and without streaks.

Experts know what they are doing and will have the tools and equipment needed to do the job successfully – in all types and areas of windows. With this in mind, it is always appropriate to give the professionals a call. We will be able to clean all the windows in your office, allowing you and your team’s workspace to take full advantage of daylight – especially during this time of year when there is a shortage! Call us now – we’d like to find out more about what you need.

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