Washing your Glass Window Accessories

We all love dressing up our windows! It’s both functional and for aesthetic purposes but today, we have so many options of what to put on our glass windows that we also have to learn how to keep them clean as well.

How to clean Window Blinds


Wood and Faux wood

You should never wash your wood binds with water, the water can still cause discoloration or bubbling. Some cleaners and chemical solvents can also damage wood slats. So what you need to do is use a dry feather duster, or a dust cloth and lightly wipe or brush each slat.

With faux wood, you can use a cloth with a little water as they are a bit more resistant to damage. You can also add a little soap or detergent to the water to remove any grease or sticky fingerprints

Aluminum Blinds

If your windows are cladded with Aluminum blinds, then you can use a dry dust cloth to remove the dust, then you can do a deep clean with either cold or warm water with some soap and wipe down each slat. Just be careful not to twist or bend the slats as you clean them.

Window Solar Shades

Solar shades are one of the best options to protect your windows and also you from the harmful UV rays. Most are made form PVC fabric that is fade-resistant, so they do not retail moisture or mold making them pretty easy to clean! So, the cleaning options could be light feather dusting, or you can wipe them down with water and mild soap. If you want to use a stronger detergent, test them on a small area so you do not leave marks on your shades. If you have solar window film, you can learn how to clean it HERE.

Fabric Shades and Window Curtains

Well cleaning these will really depend on the fabric itself. If you are looking to spot clean, use a damp rag with mild soap and only dap the spot until its clean, try not to rub as it can damage the fabric. You can also use a vacuum attachment to remove the dust from the fabric. If you want to wash your curtain, depending on the material you can either take it to the laundry or use the delicate wash setting with your washing machine.

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