Things you need to know before you Hire a Window Cleaner

Hiring a professional window cleaner requires a few phone calls to ask. Before you make the final decision to get the service you need, it would be worth asking yourself a few questions. Here are some questions to get you started:

Ask for Window Cleaner references and look at reviews online

Experienced and reliable window cleaning professionals should have a list of references and good reviews – this applies to both residential and commercial services. Take the time to reach out to the potential services you have on your list or check out their site or social media sites for reviews, you can also check their Yelp reviews to see if they are trustworthy.

How do they ensure the safety of your employees?

One of the most common accidents that occur when washing windows is a ladder. It is the leading cause of injury to cleaners. That’s why it’s wise to ask about the company’s security measures. Do they provide safety training or education to their employees? Hard-to-reach windows or windows located on upper floors require climbing and sometimes need access to the roof, so it is very important that all window cleaners and other people in the area are kept safe at all times

Do they move fragile items or furniture??

There are cases where moving fragile items or furniture is not included in the tasks of a window cleaner service. Let’s face it – no matter how extremely careful and professional window cleaning services are, an accident can actually happen. So if they don’t offer this kind of service, you can move fragile pieces of furniture to safety beforehand. Again, if they accept this kind of service, it is essential to ask for the additional fee they would charge.

    What other services do they offer, if any, what are they?

Many window cleaning professionals expand their services to include tasks such as house, roof or gutter cleaning. There are cases where they even offer pressure washing. That’s why it’s essential you ask when you enquire—combined services are more efficient and cost-effective with bundled pricing. Plus, it can help you tackle spring cleaning tasks that can sometimes become a challenge, especially when you’re short on time.

How to Find the Right Window Cleaning Professional

If cleaning the windows of your home sounds like hard or tedious work, there are advantages to hiring professional window cleaners, which may ultimately save you time, money, and risk of injury.

Professional window cleaners are skilled and experienced, so they can clean the windows of your house in less time than it would take for a non-professional to do the job. These technicians have all the tools and powerful cleaning solutions to make your windows shiny, including harsh and dangerous chemicals that they are trained to handle. If you choose environmentally friendly and green cleaning options, you can search for a company that offers these.

The cleaning company should also arrange for all safety precautions and insurance to prevent possible damage when climbing stairs or cleaning in dangerous areas. The team should know how to move and wash the windows properly while keeping themselves, and your home, safe. Before hiring a company, ask how they ensure the safety of employees at work, as well as their insurance policy.

Our window cleaning team is well- trained and utilize the products and tools in order to give your home the shine it deserves. .Should you experience work that is poorly performed by other window cleaners, then we are the ones to call to ensure the job is done correctly. We know it’s important to love the appearance of your home.  And that is why we strive to make sure every customer is 100% satisfied. 

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