Pressure Washing Your Home! Most Popular Areas That Require Cleaning.

Exterior decoration at your home and business places gives the first impression about you. But what if it has been looking odd lately and you’re not sure what to do? Here at Olaf’s  Window Cleaning, we help you renew your materials and surfaces into an attractive space.  And pressure washing is the best way to do so.

However, before you hire us or any pressure washer, do you know it’s not everything/place that can be pressure washed? As a result for your safety and to ensure you do not damage your property, we’ve made a list that will guide you in knowing the places that can be pressure washed. 

1. Deck and Patios

If your deck or patio isn’t exposed to sunlight, common algae can build up on them and harm you as a result of contamination. 

Whether your deck or patio is made from wood, stone, or concrete, a pressure washer is used to remove the stains along with the grime on them.

It is recommended to use a low-pressure nozzle for softwoods and to check your deck manual to know which setting is proposed and how close you should be away from the surface.

2. Pressure Washing Driveways and Pathways

Do you notice white chalky substances, embedded stains, or black drips on your pathways and wondered what will clean and renew them? Pressure washing will do that for you. It removes the stains and prevents your entryways from damaging as a result of the white substances or other effects.  You don’t need to seal your pathways or driveways in the future because pressure washing is your solution. 

The work can be complicated or harmful when you’re not a professional, which is why Olaf’s Window Cleaning is here to remove all harmful substances that you may get in contact with and affect your hygiene and health.

3. Fence/Sidings

It is always advisable to pressure wash your fence before renewing or painting to remove dirt that could affect or reduce your paint quality. Always note to use the right amount of pressure to avoid damage or harm, which is why you should hire professionals to do the job for you. Pressure washing is best recommended when fiber cement, vinyl, wood, and aluminum are used on your properties. 

Pressure Washing Jupiter Florida

4. Roofing

Mold and algae can ruin your properties when they are not taken care of. Algae and mold grow on roofings and the best way to get rid of them is by pressure washing. However, extensive care must be taken while doing this to prevent water from seeping into lower layers. Taking care of your roof will extend its life and let it maintain its quality.  Although we don’t provide pressure washing services for roofs, we think it’s important to include it in this post.

Pressure washing by yourself is time-consuming energy exhausting and may even lead to damages. This is why hiring a professional is highly recommended. We deliver quality work and great customer service for our clients all around Sunny and Warm Martin County and surrounding cities. Our client’s satisfaction is our top priority. 

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