Our Top Six Favourite Windows in Film and TV

The actors aren’t the only ones that play a major role in iconic scenes, sometimes parts of their homes and neighborhoods are equally just important. The windows as well set the background for each of the scenes, they enhance our memories of these shows and movies.

Here are some of our favorite and most iconic windows in TV or film:

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1. Opening Window scene-Cinderella (1950)

This one is a classic film. One of the best Disney animations, we love the old tale where Cinderella is forced to live as a servant by her evil stepmother and is otherwise confined to her quarters in the tower of the family’s home and breaks free when she finds her prince. 

In the opening scene, our first introduction, Cinderella narrates bout the wonderful dream she had and the camera pans to the window that shows the beautiful palace. It’s a magical moment that shows us what Cinderella wakes up to every morning.

Window cleaning_OWS
adventurelandia: Cinderella Opening Scene

2. Ending Window Scene -Fight Club (1999)

The first rule of Fight Club is to never talk about Fight Club…

Fight Club was one of the best films to come out in 1999. The shocking ending left us with an amazing window view of buildings collapsing, the last terrorist tactic by Project Mayhem, to try to turn people away from capitalism. We love this gorgeous scene!

Fight Club Window_OWS
Film Colossus: The Colossal explanation of Fight Club’s ending
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3. Carrie Bradshaw's Window-Sex and the City

Like Friends, the window in this HBO series makes a lot of appearances throughout the series. As Carrie Bradshaw sings poems and writes books, she is often found sitting at her desk in front of one of the windows of her apartment.

Carrie often starred out the window, contemplating the hardships of dating and relationships in New York City. Many who are associated with the program consider New York to be one of the actors in this series and what better place to see New York than to pass by Carrie’s window?

Sex & the City Window_OWS
Image: Pinterest

 4. The Window in Monica’s  apartment-Friends

While most people quickly think of Ross and Rachel, Monica and Chandler as well as Phoebe and Joey, parts of Monica’s apartment are almost identical to the character of the show as well. From the purple walls to the frame around the viewing area of ​​the door, many aspects of the living space are involved.

The unique window behind the apartment, overlooking their small balcony (accessible only through the window), provided a beautiful backdrop for many of the show’s favorite episodes. To the gang watching the town below at the time of the power outage, in which they stared across the street ‘Ugly Naked Guy’, that window looked like the 7th friend of the show.

Friends window_OWS

In both the books and the movie, Gatsby appears to look from windows. Whether is to watch Daisy or his neighbor. 

The Great Gatsby ultimately reveals that moments of tangible truth and insight are fleeting, subtle, easy to ignore, and therefore all the more important. The window here represents a realization of the unpleasant truth.

The Exorcist is for sure one of the scariest films ever. The Iconic poster showcases the terror before even the Priest enters the house.

The Exorcist is the story of poor little Regan (Linda Blair) who becomes possessed by a demon claiming to be Satan himself. The consequential details are mostly too explicit to write about in this post, however, they force local priest Damian Karras (Jason Miller) to bring in a church expert to perform an exorcism (pictured).

The window in Regan’s bedroom plays a significant role throughout the film. Seemingly, whenever it’s open someone becomes possessed or is killed and in the film’s finale, Father Karras jumps through it to destroy the Demon. The window is truly iconic given the significance of its openning and closing. 


The Exorcist_OWS
(Hoya Productions | Warner Bros.)


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