Jupiter Window Cleaning Dos and Don’ts for Homeowners

Window Cleaner in Jupiter Cleaning windows

Are you thinking about hiring a local Jupiter window cleaning company? Maybe you are planning on selling your home. Or you intend to host guests at an intimate gathering. Perhaps you simply want to enjoy the beautiful view that awaits you outside your windows. These are all great reasons to call Olaf’s Window Cleaning.

Having clean windows will make your entire home sparkle! Your windows are a focal point, in and outside of your home, and clean windows can elevate the appearance of your home. The opposite is true, too: dirty windows can make your entire home appear less clean.

With that said, it’s safe to conclude that clean windows are ideal for an all-around clean home. For this reason, we have put together a couple of dos and don’ts to help maintain your home’s windows.

Do Clean the Interiors

Jupiter Window Cleaner

Here is a typical scenario we see with several of our Jupiter window cleaning customers. The client hires our team to clean the exterior of the windows. However, for the interior, the customers either clean it themselves or assigns the task to their housekeeper.  

It is cost-effective in the short run but can prove costly in the long run. For example, many homeowners will use products such as paper towels to clean the interior of their windows. Paper towels have a tough surface that can easily attract dust or scratches your glass. This can in turn affect the longevity of your windows. 

Our local Jupiter windows cleaning company will use safe professional-grade products to clean your glass and windows. For example, instead of paper towels or newspapers, we use microfiber cloths and squeegees to produce sparkling and see-through windows. 

Don't clean the windows first.

Pressure Washer in Jupiter, Florida

Most Jupiter window cleaning companies will suggest homeowners clean their windows last if they have scheduled any other services around the home. Such services can include landscaping, power washing, and painting to name a few. 

Why? You’d be amazed at how much dirt and dust your windows attract, even for minor maintenance projects. If you are having any construction or remodeling done, ask your contractor to tape and cover your windows. Drywall mud, paint, and even abrasive chemicals may end up on your windows.  

Do schedule our Jupiter window cleaning company last so that your windows can remain clean for longer!

Don’t wait for Mother Nature.

It’s expected that here in Jupiter, rain can be a constant element in our lives. One thing we’ve found is that oftentimes, homeowners rely on the rain to clean their windows after dirt, dust, and salt have accumulated.

You might think that this week’s downpour will solve all your window cleaning problems, but we say, “not so fast.” Rain will only make dirty windows dirtier — it’ll roll right off a clean window. 

The same can be said for oceanfront properties. If you live on Jupiter Island, the moisture from the marine layer isn’t helping dissolve salt or sand on your windows — it’s cementing it into a layer of grime. To fully take advantage of your ocean view, your home may need more frequent window cleaning.  Click here to learn more.  

We use gentle cleaning products. Not harsh and store-bought products.
Abrasive products can damage your windows, cause streaks, and weaken the glass. Harsh chemicals from strong products can pollute the air in your office.

Do Pay Attention to Hard Water Stains

Glass Cleaner in Jupiter Florida Cleaning Glass

Hard water deposits minerals on glass and other surfaces. This may leave white circles and marks which can be difficult to remove. We recommend that homeowners do not try to take these off on their own. Without the proper tools, it can be very easy to scratch glass.

Our Jupiter window cleaning team can safely remove hard water stains and other mineral deposits.

To learn more about the effects of hard water on your windows click here to read a previous post.

Need to schedule window cleaning with our local team? Call Olaf’s Window Cleaning today at 772-204-3067. Don’t forget to ask how you can save hundreds with our routine cleaning plan. 


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