Glass Cleaning Tips for Oceanfront Properties

Glass Cleaning Tips for Oceanfront Properties

Why Ocean Front Properties need glass cleaning

From north to south, the Treasure Coast has some of the most beautiful beaches and views. If you live on a beachfront property, you experience the calm waves and serene blue water from the comfort of your home. However, you may also experience intense wind, sand, and salt debris on your property.  

Whether you live along Hutchinson Island or you are on the coastline of Juno Beach in Jupiter, we recommend taking preventative measures to protect your home’s glass and windows from the ocean’s debris with Olaf’s glass cleaning services.

Glass Cleaning - 2 Story Home

Many South Floridians choose to use glass walls for decks and balconies. This allows property owners to enjoy the best of being close to the ocean while protecting the property and it’s residents.  While it’s serving as a barrier, it’s also receiving a lot of sand build-up and abrasions from blown and small stones. Therefore, we suggest having a regularly scheduled cleaning. This allows you to take full advantage of the view while properly maintaining the glass on your balcony.

Many Oceanfront properties also contain large glass windows in order to fully capture the spectacular views. They two capture a lot of the ocean's debris.

Our professionals at Olaf’s Window Cleaning can effectively wash your glass, ensuring that salt and sand are thoroughly removed. We have the tools and experience to ensure we get the job done without damaging or ruining the quality of the glass.

An improper glass cleaning for example can rub salt or sand into the glass, or worse, create scratches. This not only impedes the quality of the view, but it may create a rough surface that traps additional salt and debris. Essentially it may result in a shorter lifespan for your glass. 

The information provided in this article applies to both homeowners and businesses with oceanfront properties. You may be reading this in preparation for your return to Florida, or as you search for a good glass cleaning company for your restaurant. Nonetheless, Olaf’s Window Cleaning can be of service. We provide professional glass cleaning, pressure washing, and chandelier cleaning services to name a few.  See below for a more detailed list. 

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